Looking back, there's a strong argument to suggest that AI will be a very prominent part of our future, whether that's through automated design tools or entire art galleries full of machine generated artwork. It simply is too early to tell, but with the passage of time - every day we find that AI is more automated in our lives. Whether that's Alexa in most tech enthusiast homes, to Google Assistant and Siri on everyone's smartphones. Keep in mind these devices are always listening and their microphones are always active looking for those key wake words.

Even today, the amount of data these companies have about the average person, where they live, where they work, the company, how many work at that company, their children and their model of car. Targeted advertising without regulation would be a power that could wreck entire industries and grow new ones.

Tesla the world's leading electric car brand, uses these automation/AI technologies to build their vehicles almost entirely. Although designers are set to be the last affected, the world around us will change, the context in which we design will change. Soon companies based around AI in finance, blockchain, insurance, government will even be our clients. It will be our job to design for that future, design to advertise automation and AI to the masses.

If we are to thrive in this new world, the soon upcoming world, we need to better understand how AI works, its impact on our sector and how we too can use it to our benefit.