Will a computer ever think like you, wake up in the morning, go to their job, be filled with inspiration, emotions and a sense of consciousness? Every day our lives merge closer with machines, AI already takes our phone calls, tracks our movements and can recognize your photos. It records our lives through smart devices like Alexa. With discussions taking place with the subject of AI based brain implants and an ever-increasing use of bio-design within our lives, where does this trend end, or does it end?

With this in mind, there is a sense of looming job losses in various industries – one specific example being within the design sector.

The move from hiring individual web developers to now using machines to create well designed web-based products being one example. There are many - many more.

So I want to ask the question, for us as designers, what does a creative AI look like? I want to cover the definition of creativity, examples of the current AI development within and outside the design sphere. As well as some of the AI assisted design tools we can use to enhance our design process. This will prepare us for the ever-closer future of AI integration.

Despite this, no matter how good these machines may be at their various roles, they all require one thing.

The human mind.