Hi, I’m Ben and I’m what you’d call a considerate designer!

I'm a recent graduate of Interaction Design at Ulster University Belfast! I love designing beautiful user interfaces with a strong foundation of UX knowledge which I love to share!

Oh and by the way, I’m extremely fond of using Notion for all my work! Just click any of the below projects to see my design process. I don’t just want to show all the fancy stuff - I want you to understand every step of my end-to-end process!

Building a wearable experience

Olympus, a 'smart-watch' brand, designed with core UX principles

Researching artificial intelligence within design

Artificial creativity, comparing human creativity to that of machines

User Interface case study

Working with a client to upgrade their desk booking dashboard

Game Design and Image Upscaling

Remastering the textures and UI of a classic strategy game

Customer success story

Designing a customer success story for Thrive about AirFrance KLM

User Interface case study (Coming Soon)

How can we streamline the consultation to carehome process using better user interfaces

3D case study (Coming Soon)

A mission from the BBC to design a new intro loop in 3D

User Interface case study (Coming Soon)

Augmented Reality shopping, solving the returns crisis